Monday In Bloom

It was actually pretty busy in the garden this week!  I managed to get the pansy pots straightened out.  I know, I know, it probably seems a little silly to be so obsessed with rearranging flowers because of a single burgundy in a pot of purple, but it was like looking at a crooked picture.  Now I have patterns so it makes my brain sigh in relief.  PhotoGrid_1464917884936

I managed to get to the garden store and get some replacement plants for the lavender that died, as well as the stray coleus and sweet alyssums that didn’t make it.  Um, no, I didn’t over do it, why do you ask? 


It was a pretty day to work outside!  And because I overdid it the day before, I had to get back to the garden center to get a bit more soil and a few more pots. 

There are four new plants going into the ground this week.  I’ll be moving the surviving lavender, and replacing them on the ends will be some columbine.  I got a meadow sage for the tip in the back, and another lavender to pair with the surviving one, in case that one ends up not making it.  It still has some green on it, but it doesn’t seem to be thriving. 
06-05-2016 GW05 (3)

Can you spot the new pots?
06-05-2016 GW05 (5)

I saw snapdragons at the garden center!  Snaps!  I grabbed a couple and put them in my cart, and a bit later a lady came up to me, “Oh!  You found snapdragons!  Please tell me where you found them, I’ve been looking everywhere!”  So, of course, I made her give me $100 for the secret location of the snapdragons … okay, I’m kidding.  Smile  She was so cute, she came to show me what she picked out for her own garden after I showed here where the display was.  “Look what I got!  I’m so happy!  Thank you!  I love snaps!”  I nodded, “Me too!”  We gardeners are a funny lot. 
06-05-2016 GW05 (9)

I’m liking the color of these gomphrena.  They’re a new plant for me.  They’re in the amaranth family, which are related to the celosia I’ve not had much luck with in years past, as well as the love-lies-bleeding plant that you might be more familiar with.  So far, they seem to be doing okay for me. 
06-05-2016 GW05 (11)

The marigolds are golden.
06-05-2016 GW05 (22)

The pansies are filling out.  Don’t they look happy?
06-05-2016 GW05 (27)

The surviving lavender from last year.  I still have doubts for all it seems to be holding on.
06-05-2016 GW05 (30)

The speedwell I added last month seems to be pretty content.
06-05-2016 GW05 (33)

The daylilies are going gangbusters!
06-05-2016 GW05 (34)

I feel like a kid at Christmas when I look at this daisy!  There are dozens of buds!
06-05-2016 GW05 (36)

That’s how my garden’s blooming!  How’s yours doing?

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2016 Garden Weekly 05

2016 Garden Weekly 05//


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