Monday In Bloom

2016-06-19 Sunday TWC

It was a warm day Sunday, but the humidity was on the low side, so not terrible, unless you were standing in direct sunlight. 

I am so happy, my daisies are blooming!  In the next week or two, I should have some daylilies, too. 
06-19-2016 GW07 (5)

In a quick glance, as I was going through the pictures I took, this one of the salvia reminded me of bunches of grapes, lol.  It’s funny the tricks our eyes can play on us. 
06-19-2016 GW07 (10)

The coleus are sure looking happy! 
06-19-2016 GW07 (15)

The marigolds are merry.  Last year I put marigolds in a partly sunny spot and they did well, but this year I put them in full sun, and they are really shining.
06-19-2016 GW07 (21)

I wasn’t sure how the Globe Amaranth would do, as it’s the first time I’ve ever grown them, but I am really liking how bright they are. 
06-19-2016 GW07 (25)

Daisies!  Blooming daisies!  Woo hoo!  *Snoopyhappydance*
06-19-2016 GW07 (34)

06-19-2016 GW07 (35)

That’s how my garden’s growing this week, how’s yours coming along?

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To see all my pictures from the garden this week,

you can click either the link or the image below.

Thanks for looking!

2016 Garden Weekly 07 | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

2016 Garden Weekly 07



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