Monday In Bloom

I forgot to capture the temperature thing at the right time.  It said this in the early evening.
2016-06-26 Sunday TWC

But when I was out taking pictures it was really more like this:
2016-06-26 Sunday TWC b

Needless to say, I wasn’t out there very long, and I didn’t do any deadheading like I probably should have.  Still, thankfully, things are looking pretty good, except for a couple of my pansy pots.  Something is going to town on them.  I meant to spray them this week but I got an “out of stock” notice on the spray bottles I ordered.  So, hopefully this week I’ll be able to address it, because if I don’t, I don’t think there will be a next week for some of my pansies.  Sad smile

06-26-2016 GW08 (3)

The snapdragons are almost ready to … snap!  Sorry, couldn’t resist!  This is going to be a nice, colorful pot once it blooms in the next week or so.  06-26-2016 GW08 (10)

I love the pink salvia!  And, apparently, so does something else.  Hopefully the insecticidal soap I’m planning making will take care of this. 
06-26-2016 GW08 (13)

I am just blown away by how well the coleus are doing! 
06-26-2016 GW08 (15)

I’m thinking of switching this pot of pink polka dots with the pot of pink polka dots on the other, sunnier, side of this little patch.  Those are growing really well and while these are colorful, they don’t seem to be thriving as well.  Maybe some more sun will help with that.
06-26-2016 GW08 (16)

I like this little pot by the front door.  I think it’s bright and cheerful.  Once that asparagus fern grows a little more, it should add a nice airy touch.06-26-2016 GW08 (25)

The white pansies are thriving.  Whatever’s getting to the pots on the patio seems to be avoiding the pots in the front patch here. 
06-26-2016 GW08 (27)

The lilies are beginning to make their grand entrance!  I got a nice bloom on Saturday and there are lots more nearly ready to burst! 
06-26-2016 GW08 (32)

The daisies continue to be the star attraction in the garden.  Open-mouthed smile 
06-26-2016 GW08 (34)

The new lavender I got seem to be doing okay.  There are lots of little buds on it and it’s looking pretty healthy.
06-26-2016 GW08 (35)

Same with the speedwell.  I was a bit concerned about it initially as most of its blooms seemed to be dying off, but after deadheading a couple weeks ago, they are just glowing!  06-26-2016 GW08 (39)

That’s the garden this week!  How’s your garden growing?

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