Monday In Bloom

It was the kind of day we’d call “fair to middlin’.”  Warm, but not terrible unless you stayed in the sun too long.  Which, of course, I didn’t.  My son hung out with me while I got a bit of deadheading and watering done Sunday, so that was nice.  Smile 
ACCU 2016-08-07 Phone

The lilies have practically stopped blooming now.  I cut off the dead stalks that had no more buds on them.  What a show they put on this year!
08-07-2016 GW14 (5)

Looks like the ivy and sweet alyssum have finally decided to join the garden.  I was getting concerned at how slow and spindly they looked but they seem to be spreading out now.  Whew!
08-07-2016 GW14 (26)

I think the Artemisia likes it in the garden.  Yay!

08-07-2016 GW14 (28)

Even though the daisy flowers are gone, the shrub is still providing a great lush backdrop. 
08-07-2016 GW14 (33)

Hi sweet alyssum!  I’ve been wondering where you were, how nice to see you!
08-07-2016 GW14 (11)

I’ve really come to love these pink salvia.  I’ve never seen pink ones before, so these were a nice treat.  The color is so muted, it reminds me of an oldtimey Victorian card or something. 
08-07-2016 GW14 (13)

Never thought I’d say it, but thank goodness for marigolds, lol.  They’ve really kept things looking halfway decent while I’ve struggled with the pansies in the other long pots.
08-07-2016 GW14 (20)

These pansies are going gangbusters!  I am so relieved.  They’re the only ones that haven’t given me a fit of one kind or another this season.
08-07-2016 GW14 (23)

That’s how my garden is growing this week!  How’s yours doing?  Is the Summer heat making things hard for yours, too?

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  2016 Garden Weekly 14 | Flickr

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