Monday In Bloom

I was talking with the ladies in the office earlier this week.  One of them has made an adorable little fairy garden for her office. I told her I was going to sneak in and steal it one night after she left for the day.  She found the cutest butterfly plant stand, and has all kinds of little ferns and figurines in there.  Serious indoor plant envy! Anyway, she commented how her garden just isn’t doing as well this year as in previous years either, so we came to the conclusion that the weather has something to do with it.  It has been much hotter this year than last, and we think the plants just aren’t liking all the extra heat.  So, that problem is solved.  See what happens when a couple of women put their heads together?  Winking smile  lol

It was warm when I went out to take my pictures Sunday. The humidity was fair so it wasn’t as horrible as it’s been the rest of the week prior.  So hot!
ACCU 2016-08-14 Phone

One day it was so hot, and when I looked out the window I could see the plants gasping for water.  I don’t know how many trips I made, just pitcher after pitcher.  I gave every pot at least 1-2 gallons, and did all the in-ground plants, as well.  I was going to make doggone good and sure that my plants were not going to die of thirst.

And of course, it rained that night.

But the next day, I swear, lush-city!  Everything just seemed to explode.

Naturally, as I was trying to water one of my hanging plants, the pot got too heavy for the twine holding it and “blam” it hit the ground.  Fortunately nothing broke or spilled out of the pot.  Now my hook is lopsided.  I need some weather resistant hanging cord. 
08-14-2016 GW15 (3)

See how full everything is?  And this is with everything a tad on the droopy side because I took pictures before I watered.
08-14-2016 GW15 (5)

The pink-polka dot plants are just taking off.  Reach for the stars!
08-14-2016 GW15 (7)08-14-2016 GW15 (15)

And the snapdragons are blooming again, yay!
08-14-2016 GW15 (9)

This is what I love to see!  All that sweet alyssum just oozing over the sides of the pots, like my cup runneth over.  Open-mouthed smile
08-14-2016 GW15 (11)

You can barely see the soil in the pots, the leaves are so full.
08-14-2016 GW15 (13)

Still my happy pot.  Open-mouthed smile
08-14-2016 GW15 (16)

Nice to see the marigolds are thriving in the heat we’ve been having.  Sturdy little things!
08-14-2016 GW15 (21)

For now, my broken no-longer-hanging hanging pot sits on the outside table.  But, at least it’s thriving!
08-14-2016 GW15 (22)

As is the asparagus fern and sweet alyssum in the pot by the front door.  *happysigh*
08-14-2016 GW15 (24)

The lavender seems to be doing pretty well, too.  Please please please survive the Winter, little lavender!
08-14-2016 GW15 (34)

The sage I got earlier this Spring has finally decided to bloom, too!  I was worried it wasn’t going to make it. 
08-14-2016 GW15 (35)

One lonely lily left, the last … wait, what’s that?
08-14-2016 GW15 (37)

Buds!  Eight more buds!  I guess you could call this its encore.  Smile
08-14-2016 GW15 (38)

And that’s how my garden’s growing this week!  How’s yours doing?

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To see all my pictures from the garden this week,

you can click either the link or the image below.

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2016 Garden Weekly 15 | Flickr

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