Monday In Bloom

It was a nice day Sunday, a bit on the muggy side but not terrible.  I was going to get out there and do some deadheading in the garden, but when I talked it over with my back, my back just laughed and laughed and said, “No.”  So I just took pictures instead and the deadheading will have to wait for another day. 
ACCU 2016-08-28 Phone

Things are still looking pretty good.  I haven’t lost any more pansies, so I’m thankful for that.  Most of the other plants seems to be coming into their own, finally.  Better late than never, I always say!08-28-2016 GW17 (3)

The side patch is looking so full and happy!  It makes me happy every time I look at it. 
08-28-2016 GW17 (5)

I just wanted to show that I actually do have some purple sweet alyssum in there!  It’s just been laying low, I guess, but it seems to be spreading out a bit now.08-28-2016 GW17 (10)

Cascading sweet alyssum!  It smells so wonderful, too.
08-28-2016 GW17 (11)

It’s like a twinkle in the garden’s eye, sort of.
08-28-2016 GW17 (12)

I can’t believe how huge the coleus have grown!  They’re pretty much to the window sill.
08-28-2016 GW17 (14)

The pink polka dot plant looks like its hugging the wall, lol.
08-28-2016 GW17 (15)

The coleus is as big as the pot!
08-28-2016 GW17 (16)

The potato vine is still happy, even though it’s on the patio now.  Maybe it likes a bit of shade.
08-28-2016 GW17 (22)

This pot looks okay from the front.  I’ve lost a couple pansies near the back of it, though.
08-28-2016 GW17 (25)

This pot, front and center in the little front patch of “yard” I have, might just be the current reigning star.
08-28-2016 GW17 (26)

Still buds on the lily!  Isn’t that amazing?!
08-28-2016 GW17 (35)

I think the Artemisia is planning on taking over the garden.
08-28-2016 GW17 (36)

Every week the lavender seems to be getting bigger and bigger.  I’m hopeful this one will survive the Winter.
08-28-2016 GW17 (40)

The sage sure has taken off!  The bees like it a lot, too.
08-28-2016 GW17 (41)

And that’s how my garden’s growing this week!  How about yours?

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To see all my pictures from the garden this week,

you can click either the link or the image below.

Thanks for looking!

2016 Garden Weekly 17 | Flickr

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