Monday In Bloom

The weather has been lovely.  And by lovely I mean cool nights, temperate days, and low humidity.  Ahhhh!  That’s my kind of weather!  These kinds of days are few and far between in my neck of the suburbs, so I relish them when they arrive.

I pulled up most of the pansies finally.  They just … yeah.  Weak, scraggly, struggling.  So I just put them out of their misery.  I have one pot of them holding on, but not for much longer, I think.  And that’s about all I’ve done in the garden this week.  I’ve been so busy with other things that I just haven’t had much time, or inclination, really.  There isn’t a lot to do except water and deadhead, and God’s been doing a lot of the watering for me so that’s nice.  And as for deadheading, it’s kind of late in the season for that.  Trying to force more blooms this late would be more trouble than it’s worth, in my opinion.

ACCU 2016-10-09 Phone

10-09-2016 GW23 (3)
10-09-2016 GW23 (5)

While the sweet alyssum is gearing down, it seems like the globe amaranth are just going gangbusters!  Their bold color is a definite bright spot!
10-09-2016 GW23 (11)

And of course, all the coleus and salvia make my heart so happy.  All that color!
10-09-2016 GW23 (12)10-09-2016 GW23 (9)

This pot is one of my favorites.  Piles of sweet alyssum with the trailing ivy vine – love it.  Since the rope holding it up broke and it’s been sitting on the outdoor table, I’ve been able to enjoy its awesome fragrance more often.  I’m thinking I may have to re-think which plants go in the hanging pots next year.
10-09-2016 GW23 (16)

Lily.  Still around, much to my happy surprise!  It still has a few more tricks up its sleeve, I think!
10-09-2016 GW23 (19)

My overly friendly Artemisia, lol.  It really is just too soft and feathery to be what anyone could call aggressive.  The leaves are about as substantial as fog.
10-09-2016 GW23 (25)

Love the happy Veronica!
10-09-2016 GW23 (26)10-09-2016 GW23 (27)

I think of these two as The Twins, even though they’re not the same kind of plant.  And it’s so silly because I don’t think of the ones that are the same as twins.  But they’re both tall, spiky, and purple.  Clearly I have a thing for tall, spiky plants. 
10-09-2016 GW23 (29)10-09-2016 GW23 (30)

Even though a lot of my garden is dying off and looking less than stellar, there are still some trees around here putting on their Autumn attire, and I thought you might enjoy the promenade.  Smile 
10-09-2016 GW23 (32)

10-09-2016 GW23 (33)

10-09-2016 GW23 (34)

10-09-2016 GW23 (35)

That’s how my garden’s growing this week.  How’s yours doing?  Are you doing Autumn prep, getting ready for Winter?

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