Monday In Bloom

On Tuesday!  Been feeling rather discombobulated lately, sorry I’m late with this!

It was a pretty nice day Sunday when I went out to take pictures.  The late afternoon sun was hitting some of the trees in a most amazing light. 

This are definitely dying off, in a sort of painful to watch way.  We’ve come close to freezing overnight a couple of times but haven’t fully gone below 32°, so many plants are brown, but it’s still too soon to cut them back for Winter.  Soon though, I’m sure, because Winter waits for no man.


Oh it hurts to look at my daisies!  They were so proud and full just a few months ago! 
10-23-2016 GW25 (5)

The side patch is still full of color, although it’s losing some of its vibrancy and fullness.
10-23-2016 GW25 (4)

The pink polka dot plants do seem to be a little happier after I cut off all the long, straggly branches. 
10-23-2016 GW25 (7)10-23-2016 GW25 (20)

Yep, purple sweet alyssum still thriving under there!  I think the coverage from the coleus is protecting it from the weather.
10-23-2016 GW25 (14)

Bee!  Big ol’ fat bumble!
10-23-2016 GW25 (19)

I’ve let the coleus go to seed, because I like how it looks.  It looks like a bunch of little arms raised in praise, lol.  It reminds me of a little Pentecostal Flower Church.  Open-mouthed smile
10-23-2016 GW25 (21)

Just look at those spikes!  They got so tall in this pot!   LOL, you can also see the monster eyes Halloween decorations I had the kids put up.  Open-mouthed smile
10-23-2016 GW25 (22)

After cutting off all the dead flower heads, the mums seems to be doing pretty well.  They’re nice and bushy and look like they might even go through a 2nd flowering, if they hurry.
10-23-2016 GW25 (25)10-23-2016 GW25 (40)

The potato vine is turning some interesting colors.  Has a rather bronzy look to it, I think.
10-23-2016 GW25 (26)

I am so please with these speedwell.  I took a chance when I got them, because I’ve never grown them before and wasn’t familiar with them at all.  I didn’t know how they’d do in my little patch here, but they seem to be thriving.  Even as Winter looms, they still look green and bushy.
10-23-2016 GW25 (36)10-23-2016 GW25 (37)

My “twins.”  The flowers on the sage are dying off, and the bees are sure making sure to get every last little bit of pollen, but that lavender has really taken off recently!  I thought it was going to start dying off because a branch in the middle of it died, but the rest of it is going gangbusters.
10-23-2016 GW25 (38)10-23-2016 GW25 (39)

Pop pop pop!  Love the color of these globe amaranth!
10-23-2016 GW25 (41)

That’s how my garden’s growing this week.  How’s yours coming along?  Getting ready for Winter?

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To see all my pictures from the garden this week,

you can click either the link or the image below.

Thanks for looking!

2016 Garden Weekly 25 | Flickr

2016 Garden Weekly 25//





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