Monday In Bloom


It was a pretty lovely day Sunday when I went out to take some pictures of the garden.  The weather was chilly, but not exactly crisp as it was still pretty humid.  But my hands and feet got chilled while I was out there, so that was a nice Autumnal touch. 

We had a lot of rain this past week so everything got soaked really well, and with temperatures above freezing still, and even a day in the 70s coming up this week, I have a feeling there will be some last minute growth happening in the garden.  It’s kind of exciting, waiting to see what it will do with such a tiny bit of time left. 

Things are still basically holding steady from last week, so that’s pretty good.  The grass sure has been loving the rain!  It’s in its Autumn growth spurt and it looks so lush and full.

The yellow of the dying lilies adds an interesting layer of color to me. 

The side patch is still pretty bright and sassy, although some of the coleus have lost a few leaves. 

10-30-2016 GW26 (3)
10-30-2016 GW26 (5)

I keep waiting for this tree to turn red.  I thought it was a sumac, but perhaps it’s not.  Maybe I’m just impatient.  Sumacs get so amazing looking in the Autumn.
10-30-2016 GW26 (6)

This tree almost looks like the top of a cupcake peeking over the building when the sunlight hits it just right, lol.
10-30-2016 GW26 (8)

The burgundy colors on these trees just enthrall me.
10-30-2016 GW26 (9)

The shrubs across the way have finally exploded into their brilliant red glory.
10-30-2016 GW26 (10)

The side patch.  Gloriously colorful, still!
10-30-2016 GW26 (17)10-30-2016 GW26 (14)
10-30-2016 GW26 (15)10-30-2016 GW26 (19)

Oh sweet alyssum!  Watching you fade is so sad!  I shall miss your lovely fragrance!
10-30-2016 GW26 (16)

Geese!  Flying low and … northeasterly?  They must be heading toward a lake or retention pond or something.  No goose in its right mind would head toward Canada this time of year.
10-30-2016 GW26 (21)

Ha!  I knew it!  It will get another blooming!
10-30-2016 GW26 (23)

I love the variations in the colors of this one. 
10-30-2016 GW26 (25)

Looking for new blooms on this one but I don’t see any yet.  It’s supposed to be a lovely week ahead so maybe in the next few days there’ll be some blooms.
10-30-2016 GW26 (26)

Clearly the lavender likes Autumn!
10-30-2016 GW26 (39)

The flowers on the sage are dying back, but some of them are still pretty vibrant.  The bees are happy about that, working hard to get the last bits of pollen before Winter.
10-30-2016 GW26 (40)

And that’s how my garden’s growing.  How’s yours doing?  Do you have any Winter preparations done?

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To see all my pictures from the garden this week,

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2016 Garden Weekly 26 | Flickr

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