Monday In Bloom

07-30-2017 GW13 (35)It was a pretty decent evening, not too hot or muggy.  Even the mosquitos, while bad, weren’t as terrible as last week. 


07-30-2017 GW13 (32)It feels like it’s been a rough week though, garden-wise.  Things have been so dry here after all the flooding a couple weeks ago.  And despite my attempts at watering, several of my perennials are dead or dying.  I didn’t even bother to take pictures of them this week, even for documenting purposes.  Even the lilies are fading fast, it seems.  I know that’s fairly typical, at this point in the season.  It’s still a bit depressing, though. 

I know that in a couple weeks, after the hottest spells have (hopefully) passed, many plants will gain their “second wind” and pull out a second bloom.  And I’m also thinking the lilies will definitely have to be divided this year.  Probably the daisies, too.  In fact, probably most of what’s left in the perennial patch will have to be divided.  I suppose the things that need to be divided can fill in the empty spots from the plants that have died.  I certainly have my work cut out for me come Autumn!

On a brighter note, the snapdragons have been blooming, and the coleus are thriving.  The yellow daisies are blooming again after some deadheading a few weeks ago.

07-30-2017 GW13 (3)

07-30-2017 GW13 (6)

07-30-2017 GW13 (4)

Yay for snappies!  Bright, happy spots in the midst of gardening season!
07-30-2017 GW13 (8)
07-30-2017 GW13 (24)
07-30-2017 GW13 (26)

I keep meaning to switch this pot with the one in the other corner of the side patch but I still haven’t gotten around to it.  This week for sure!!  The verbena and sweet alyssum are fading, but still retain some of their earlier glory.
07-30-2017 GW13 (9)

07-30-2017 GW13 (13)

07-30-2017 GW13 (15)

Right side of the urn …
07-30-2017 GW13 (18)

Left side of the urn!  I took a picture from this angle to show how much that sweet potato vine has grown.  It swoops down and trails around the pot like a veil, it’s so stunning!  This is exactly what I hoped it would do all those times I planted it in one of the hanging pots in the front patch, but it never did.  I realize now, that was too sunny for this plant, as it clearly prefers much more shade than I realized.  Next year, assuming the garden center has them again, I am going to put one in a side patch raised pot, with just a spike plant for accent. 
07-30-2017 GW13 (21)

Yellow daisies!
07-30-2017 GW13 (25)

Fortunately, this licorice plant isn’t terribly decimated from the recent butterfly caterpillar invasion, certainly not as bad as the one in the other hanging pot.  And the asparagus fern and purple heart plant still are looking pretty decent. 
07-30-2017 GW13 (30)

That’s how my garden is surviving this week, how’s yours doing?

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2017 Garden Weekly 13



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