Monday In Bloom

On Tuesday!  I meant to prep this on Sunday night, but I was so tired.  I figured I’d do it Monday morning.  But then there was this weird thing going on in the sky so a friend and I got our kids together so we could have an “eclipse party.”  That was so fun!  And of course, there was no blogging to be had.

So here I am on Tuesday trying to catch up, on so many things!  Maybe you are too.  🙂

08-20-2017 GW16 (33)It was a relatively decent afternoon when I went to take some garden pictures.  Humid, but not terribly so. 

08-20-2017 GW16 (3)The sky was so still, not even the flag in front of the office was moving and I thought it might rain.

Things are definitely looking peaked in the garden now.  This part of the season always makes me a bit sad, because everything’s “glory days” are over, pretty much, and I know it’s just a matter of time until the first frost.  Autumn officially starts in about a month, can you believe it?

The new watering system will work out okay, I’m thinking, once I have enough bottles.  I’m also going to need some more spikes.  Apparently I had more pots than I realized when I ordered them.  D’oh!  And then I decided to count my “long pots” as two, because I realized that the spikes wouldn’t reach from one end of the pot to the other, so I’ll put one on each end. 

I have to say, I think I’m really going to like watering this way.  Sure, filling up all the individual bottles is a bit of a pain (that’s my fault for having so many pots, lol) but having the cart sure beats the heck out of trying to carry that big watering can!  Trying to lift that heavy thing to water the pots that are high gets to be really tiring.  Plus, with the bottles, I know just how much water each pot is getting. 
08-20-2017 GW16 (4)

08-20-2017 GW16 (5)

08-20-2017 GW16 (6)

Those coleus though!  Man alive, they make my “gardener’s heart” happy! 
08-20-2017 GW16 (11)

08-20-2017 GW16 (17)

Yellow daisies!  Oh happy day!  I love these plants, they’re so cheery!
08-20-2017 GW16 (21)

08-20-2017 GW16 (25)

Right now, I think the hanging baskets are doing pretty well.  They seem the least dilapidated of all the pots.
08-20-2017 GW16 (27)

I really love that purple heart plant.  What a stunner!
08-20-2017 GW16 (28)

Look what I found when I was taking pictures!  A late bloomer.  😀
08-20-2017 GW16 (32)

Another kiss of Autumn.  I think this relationship might get serious.
08-20-2017 GW16 (8)

And that’s how my garden bloomed this week.  How’s yours coming along?

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To see all my pictures from the garden this week,

you can click either the link or the image below.

Thanks for looking!

2017 Garden Weekly 16 | Flickr

2017 Garden Weekly 16


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