Monday In Bloom

07-02-2017 GW09 (57)I popped some cupcakes in the oven and figured I had enough time to go outside and take some pictures.  As I was outside, the wind whipped up and the storm clouds moved in.  I came back inside with 2 minutes left on my timer, and when the timer beeped, the rain came down in sheets!  Just made it!

07-02-2017 GW09 (32)Everything seems to be doing really well now.  Everything is established and for the most part, thriving.  The pansies are trying to come back from the near death caused by Morticia Rabbit – keeping them high out of her reach is helping.  My lavender plant though seems to be dying off, at least partially.  I’ll be keeping an eye on it.  I need to do some serious dead-heading and weeding.  Not sure if I’ll be able to get to that before next weekend as we start back to homeschool this week.  We’ll see though!

07-02-2017 GW09 (6)

07-02-2017 GW09 (7)

07-02-2017 GW09 (8)

Sunday morning, I had lilies!  Woohoo!

07-02-2017 GW09 (41)

Daisies are thriving, shining steadily like a beacon. 
07-02-2017 GW09 (43)

Snapdragons are looking bold and beautiful.
07-02-2017 GW09 (29)

To stand by this pot, you get the sweetest scent of sweet alyssum, it’s heavenly!
07-02-2017 GW09 (12)

The salvia are really healthy, too.  They’re very lush and full.
07-02-2017 GW09 (14)
07-02-2017 GW09 (17)

Yes, I’m pretty sure I over-planted this pot.  And you know what?  I don’t think I care!  lol
07-02-2017 GW09 (21)

I love these pots! 
07-02-2017 GW09 (26)07-02-2017 GW09 (27)

The hanging baskets are filling up nicely, too.  That icicles plant might be too big for these pots.  I’ve never planted it before so it was kind of a test.  At this stage, it looks nice though!
07-02-2017 GW09 (37)
07-02-2017 GW09 (38)

For Sue.  🙂

And that’s how my garden is growing this week!  How’s yours coming along?

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2017 Garden Weekly 09 | Flickr 

2017 Garden Weekly 09



Monday In Bloom

It was a gorgeous day here Sunday, Mother’s Day.  Low to mid 60sF, clear blue skies, low humidity – just lovely!  My husband took me to the garden center, where I was able to replace the plants that I lost this past week due to all the wonky weather.  Man that place was crowded!  So I spent a little bit of time getting those potted, and I finally got my new perennial in the ground.  In general, things are looking fairly decent.  A few plants are struggling because of the recent cold snaps, but I do think they’ll recover with enough tender loving care. 

05-14-2017 GW02 (1)

Kind of hard to see in the picture, but I found some heavy copper wire for my hanging pots.  I got so tired of the twine ropes breaking on me.  I’m hoping the wire is more sturdy.
05-14-2017 GW02 (2)

The side patch.
05-14-2017 GW02 (4)

The new section!  Not sure what to call it yet – the patio patch?  This is the “extension” I was working on a couple weeks ago.  Before, the grass went to the edge of the patio, but now I’ve wrapped the patio with mulch and garden fencing.  This enables me to get my long pots off the patio, and also gets the square pots out of the front patch.  I love the symmetry of how it looks.  Bonus, I’m hoping the extra fencing will keep critters and neighbor’s dogs off our patio. 
05-14-2017 GW02 (6)

I think this must be my favorite pot, and I’m sure I’ve overloaded it again this year.  I love the graceful look of it.
05-14-2017 GW02 (21)

The columbine have been blooming and look pretty
.05-14-2017 GW02 (33)05-14-2017 GW02 (39)

The newest addition to the perennials – a pincushion plant. 
05-14-2017 GW02 (42)

That’s how my garden has been growing this week!  How’s yours coming along?

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2017 Garden Weekly 02//



Monday In Bloom

It was pretty nice when I popped out to take pictures Sunday.  I even went barefoot!  Not because it was that awesome outside, but because I couldn’t find my shoes, lol.  Thankfully, it was nice enough I could do that without freezing my toes off.  😀
ACCU 2016-11-13 Phone

Still, it was pretty nice.  I was glad.  I know it’ll be one of the last nice days for a while, and this will be the last of the In Bloom posts until next Spring.  It’s been getting pretty cold on the overnights, close to freezing once or twice, and we might even get snow this coming weekend.  Yikes!  We will have some nights into the 20s, so whatever is left of the garden will certainly be gone after that. 
There really isn’t much left now, as it is.  The mums, of course, but the annuals are looking pretty bleak, and the perennials are really to go to sleep for the Winter.  It’s time.
  11-13-2016 GW28 (1)

The side patch now looks tired and sparse, no longer vibrant and thriving.
11-13-2016 GW28 (2)

The mums had a few flowers.  Just a measly few though.
11-13-2016 GW28 (3)

And the snapdragons were giving up their last bit of glory.
11-13-2016 GW28 (4)

The purple sweet alyssum seems to be enjoying the slide into Winter, although it too is losing leaves and petals.  It’s also giving off a really strong, beautiful fragrance as it leaves.
 11-13-2016 GW28 (5)

This tree across the way keeps getting lovelier and lovelier.  The way the colors are so variegated is breathtaking to me.
 11-13-2016 GW28 (6)

And that’s it!  That’s how my garden grew this year!  I hope you’ve enjoyed it.  I certainly have loved sharing it with you!  Thank you for sitting in the garden with me for a bit!

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2016 Garden Weekly 28 | Flickr

2016 Garden Weekly 28//


Monday In Bloom

On Tuesday!  Been feeling rather discombobulated lately, sorry I’m late with this!

It was a pretty nice day Sunday when I went out to take pictures.  The late afternoon sun was hitting some of the trees in a most amazing light. 

This are definitely dying off, in a sort of painful to watch way.  We’ve come close to freezing overnight a couple of times but haven’t fully gone below 32°, so many plants are brown, but it’s still too soon to cut them back for Winter.  Soon though, I’m sure, because Winter waits for no man.


Oh it hurts to look at my daisies!  They were so proud and full just a few months ago! 
10-23-2016 GW25 (5)

The side patch is still full of color, although it’s losing some of its vibrancy and fullness.
10-23-2016 GW25 (4)

The pink polka dot plants do seem to be a little happier after I cut off all the long, straggly branches. 
10-23-2016 GW25 (7)10-23-2016 GW25 (20)

Yep, purple sweet alyssum still thriving under there!  I think the coverage from the coleus is protecting it from the weather.
10-23-2016 GW25 (14)

Bee!  Big ol’ fat bumble!
10-23-2016 GW25 (19)

I’ve let the coleus go to seed, because I like how it looks.  It looks like a bunch of little arms raised in praise, lol.  It reminds me of a little Pentecostal Flower Church.  Open-mouthed smile
10-23-2016 GW25 (21)

Just look at those spikes!  They got so tall in this pot!   LOL, you can also see the monster eyes Halloween decorations I had the kids put up.  Open-mouthed smile
10-23-2016 GW25 (22)

After cutting off all the dead flower heads, the mums seems to be doing pretty well.  They’re nice and bushy and look like they might even go through a 2nd flowering, if they hurry.
10-23-2016 GW25 (25)10-23-2016 GW25 (40)

The potato vine is turning some interesting colors.  Has a rather bronzy look to it, I think.
10-23-2016 GW25 (26)

I am so please with these speedwell.  I took a chance when I got them, because I’ve never grown them before and wasn’t familiar with them at all.  I didn’t know how they’d do in my little patch here, but they seem to be thriving.  Even as Winter looms, they still look green and bushy.
10-23-2016 GW25 (36)10-23-2016 GW25 (37)

My “twins.”  The flowers on the sage are dying off, and the bees are sure making sure to get every last little bit of pollen, but that lavender has really taken off recently!  I thought it was going to start dying off because a branch in the middle of it died, but the rest of it is going gangbusters.
10-23-2016 GW25 (38)10-23-2016 GW25 (39)

Pop pop pop!  Love the color of these globe amaranth!
10-23-2016 GW25 (41)

That’s how my garden’s growing this week.  How’s yours coming along?  Getting ready for Winter?

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2016 Garden Weekly 25 | Flickr

2016 Garden Weekly 25//




Monday In Bloom

The weather has been lovely.  And by lovely I mean cool nights, temperate days, and low humidity.  Ahhhh!  That’s my kind of weather!  These kinds of days are few and far between in my neck of the suburbs, so I relish them when they arrive.

I pulled up most of the pansies finally.  They just … yeah.  Weak, scraggly, struggling.  So I just put them out of their misery.  I have one pot of them holding on, but not for much longer, I think.  And that’s about all I’ve done in the garden this week.  I’ve been so busy with other things that I just haven’t had much time, or inclination, really.  There isn’t a lot to do except water and deadhead, and God’s been doing a lot of the watering for me so that’s nice.  And as for deadheading, it’s kind of late in the season for that.  Trying to force more blooms this late would be more trouble than it’s worth, in my opinion.

ACCU 2016-10-09 Phone

10-09-2016 GW23 (3)
10-09-2016 GW23 (5)

While the sweet alyssum is gearing down, it seems like the globe amaranth are just going gangbusters!  Their bold color is a definite bright spot!
10-09-2016 GW23 (11)

And of course, all the coleus and salvia make my heart so happy.  All that color!
10-09-2016 GW23 (12)10-09-2016 GW23 (9)

This pot is one of my favorites.  Piles of sweet alyssum with the trailing ivy vine – love it.  Since the rope holding it up broke and it’s been sitting on the outdoor table, I’ve been able to enjoy its awesome fragrance more often.  I’m thinking I may have to re-think which plants go in the hanging pots next year.
10-09-2016 GW23 (16)

Lily.  Still around, much to my happy surprise!  It still has a few more tricks up its sleeve, I think!
10-09-2016 GW23 (19)

My overly friendly Artemisia, lol.  It really is just too soft and feathery to be what anyone could call aggressive.  The leaves are about as substantial as fog.
10-09-2016 GW23 (25)

Love the happy Veronica!
10-09-2016 GW23 (26)10-09-2016 GW23 (27)

I think of these two as The Twins, even though they’re not the same kind of plant.  And it’s so silly because I don’t think of the ones that are the same as twins.  But they’re both tall, spiky, and purple.  Clearly I have a thing for tall, spiky plants. 
10-09-2016 GW23 (29)10-09-2016 GW23 (30)

Even though a lot of my garden is dying off and looking less than stellar, there are still some trees around here putting on their Autumn attire, and I thought you might enjoy the promenade.  Smile 
10-09-2016 GW23 (32)

10-09-2016 GW23 (33)

10-09-2016 GW23 (34)

10-09-2016 GW23 (35)

That’s how my garden’s growing this week.  How’s yours doing?  Are you doing Autumn prep, getting ready for Winter?

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2016 Garden Weekly 23 | Flickr

2016 Garden Weekly 23//